You’re likely to be one of 64 million people who has used a service we support. You might have had a hot shower; taken a train or driven to work; had your rubbish collected; enjoyed tidier streets; or benefited from cleaner schools and social housing. By keeping these services running smoothly – the ones that really matter – our team of 19,000 is helping to create better places to live, work and travel. We call this our ‘Better Places’ goal.
We’re supplying important utilities like water, gas and electricity to your homes. We’re making journeys better by maintaining roads, railways and airports. We’re keeping facilities running smoothly, and improving social housing and schools. We’re keeping environments clean by improving sustainable waste management. And we’re supporting the country’s defence and justice services.
And it’s not just people in the UK we’re helping. Our work throughout the US, Middle East and Australia means people around the world are benefiting from what we do. Because we’re owned by Ferrovial – a global infrastructure and services group – we’re growing on an international scale.
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